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Mar 28, 2017 | Posted in News

-Brett Wiler, Director Research, Grants, and Business Outreach

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” –Robert Kiyosaki

As the quote suggests, there is power in networks. Here at the ERCGP we implore you, the business owner, to utilize the over 800 members of the Chamber to ignite business growth in 2017. What follows is an outline and breakdown of the multitude of member companies with the expertise, experience, and aptitude to take your organization to the next level. While we also encourage the business community to utilize the resources available through the Economic Development system by contacting the Erie Business Action Team, we recognize our first priority as a business organization is to promote our private sector members. So read below, and leverage the Chamber network to achieve abundant success this year.

Business | Strategic | Marketing | Succession | Operations Planning
Every business needs a strategy. Whether you’re in the ideation stage, growth mode, or ownership transition, a sound strategy is paramount. The following members can provide you professional consultation in business plan development, and strategic, marketing, succession, and operations planning.
Business Services

Banking | Financial Services | Insurance
Business requires capital. And sound financial advice. TheERCGP boasts a number of local and regional banks, credit unions, and financial institutions to meet your needs. If you’re looking to debt finance that new piece of machinery, need working capital to generate revenue, or you’re looking for business insurance, let Chamber members lend you a hand.

A good attorney should be an extension of your management team. Whether you’re looking to incorporate for the first time, or maintain your corporate status, let one of our attorneys assist you. Local attorneys can help you develop and execute contracts, advise you on real estate transactions, help you protect intellectual property, and serve as a confidant when making some of the tough decisions required to grow your business.

Much like your Attorney, your Accountant should serve as a de-factor member of your executive team - someone you trust, and someone able to give an objective assessment of the current state of the business. Accountants are able to assist you with the completion and submission of required legal and compliance paperwork, assist with tax completion, counsel you on matters of business investment, and give you a holistic view of company performance.

Marketing | Advertising Assistance
Generating and converting leads into sales is the name of the game across all industry sectors. Take advantage of the breadth of experience and know-how in the region and consider hiring one of our marketing and advertising agencies. Our member companies have experience in a variety of industry niches, possess the expertise developing and executing modern marketing strategies, and their guidance allows you to focus on the operations of your business while they drive inbound sales opportunities. While you’re at it, check out our companies dedicated to helping you develop digital content through photography and video production services.
Marketing and Advertising Agencies
Web Design

Every company in 2017 will have a challenge or opportunity that can be solved with a technological solution. Not sure where to start? Consider our technology focused consultants and service providers. Ranging from network administration, cybersecurity, customized software development, and digital enterprise solutions – members of theERCGP have your technology solution at the ready.
Technology Consultants
Internet Service Providers
Computer Sales and Service
Telephone Service
Telecommunications Consultants

Land and Building Needs
Outgrowing your current space? Looking to add an expansion onto your current building? Or perhaps you’ve looking to purchase your own facility, our members have you covered. Source our network of real estate agencies and developers to find the perfect business locale for you in 2017.
Commercial Real Estate Agencies
Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Management

Ancillary Services
Office Supplies
Payroll Services
Storage and Warehousing
Cleaning Services

Discount Programs
Lastly, don’t forget your investment in the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership allows you to connect with other businesses and gain access to exclusive discounts and opportunities offered by otherERCGP investors.
Discount Programs

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