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While our region shares in the economic challenges facing the balance of the United States, we also have a number of job openings going unfilled. This contradiction frustrates both the employer and the job seekers.

Through outreach conducted by the Erie Business Action Team (housed at the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership) over the last several years – and collaborative discussion of the 13-member Lead Economic Development Team of Erie County – it has been determined that there is an immediate need to undertake a comprehensive census of employers to formulate a more clear picture of where the current job openings are and where they will be in the near future.

Using the Erie Business Action Team’s web-based platform, all employers in Erie County will be asked to complete a six question electronic survey that will capture each employer’s workforce needs in the immediate, mid-term, and long-term future. Aggregate results of the company surveys will identify volume of jobs by classifications.

When completed, this primary research of employer demand will enable the community, training providers, educators, elected officials and business leaders to see first-hand the occupations most in demand for employees. In addition, the data will provide guidance to the unemployed, a pathway to employment for youth, aide agencies in securing competitive workforce grants, and help document the vibrancy of our regional economy.