The Erie Regional Chamber serves as a central entry point for prospects looking to grow their business. Prospects looking at Erie as a possible location come from a variety of sources: existing companies in Erie, Governor’s Action Team, site selection consultants, national real estate brokers, and directly from companies.


All prospects are reviewed through the lens of the stated requirements of the prospect – acres needed, new or existing facility size, utility requirements, specialized assets needed (air service, rail line, port access), labor force needs, and more. Some prospects requirements cannot be met by Erie. For those where we can meet their needs, the Chamber works with land and building owners, real estate brokers, public officials, and local developers to share available assets with the prospect for consideration.

“[Our meeting in Cleveland] went really well. All the companies appreciated getting to know more about Erie, the developments underway, candor about opportunities and challenges, your collaborative approach to economic development, and positive approach to working with developers.”

Dennis Burnside

Vestian Global Workplace Solutions


Contrary to popular opinions about economic development, over 90% of the work is focused on business retention and expansion and new business start-ups because they are already here. Taking care of existing businesses and growing new is the most cost effective spend in economic development. However, business attraction is essential to diversify Erie’s economy and potentially land employers who can immediately create 25-100 jobs (or more). 

The greatest business attraction success in Erie’s history was landing General Electric (now Wabtec) over 110 years ago — a success that transformed lives and our community in many ways. Business attraction complements existing industry—not to replace it—to create a dynamic economy.

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