The Erie Regional Chamber works with regional employers to successfully identify and manage talent pipelines by bridging gaps between community, industry, and service providers. By doing so, the chamber works to create viable and sustainable talent pipelines into our six target industries. One way we do this is by navigating the workforce development delivery system on behalf of the business and making the right connections to the best partners who can provide on-the-job training or similar services.

“I appreciate the work the Erie Regional Chamber is doing to address
workforce development in manufacturing by approaching unidentified talent pools and educating not only possible partners but also educating employers.”

Jim Willats

Co-Founder and President | Machining Concepts


The Erie Regional Chamber keeps a pulse on the most pressing employer and industry needs so that we can proactively address labor force challenges or accelerate growth opportunities in the future. When businesses are open to partnering with the chamber on this journey, we’re able to create a holistic approach to workforce development ensuring businesses are prepared for the workforce of the future. ERCGP can then provide organizations with end-to-end solutions for their workforce needs, ensuring the sustaining growth and probability of regional businesses, while providing a comprehensive pipeline to regional talent—a key component to attracting businesses.

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