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The Erie Regional Chamber and GrowthPartnership advocates for common sense business advancements within local, state, and federal government. We serve as a conduit and a tool to bridge the gap between the business community, elected officials, and government entities regarding daily business operations issues like zoning and regulations to advocating for policy changes on Capitol Hill.


The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership advocates for common sense business advancements within local, state, and federal government. We serve as a conduit and a tool to bridge the gap between the business community, elected officials, and government entities regarding daily business operations issues like zoning and regulations to advocating for policy changes on Capitol Hill. Through regular outreach to elected officials, participation in public meetings and key community conversations, and service to a variety of community service groups, the chamber maintains a pulse on the most pressing issues facing our community.

“The PA Chamber of Business and Industry is lucky to have a partner like the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership. Their team works with our team to ensure that their members are informed and able to articulate important issues to their state officials. This partnership ensures that Erie’s voice in Harrisburg is strong and effective.”

Bill Miller

Senior Member Executive | Pennsylvania Chamber


Through our advocacy role, the Erie Regional Chamber serves as the cohesive voice for the business community. We strive to help members understand and navigate the ever-changing government landscape and its effect upon the business community, saving our members time and resources. We constantly engage and maintain relationships with elected officials so that we can trade goodwill on behalf of our members when issues arise that may be standing in the way of business progress. Maintaining positive, on-going relationships with government officials at all levels is done to both communicate the business community’s priorities, but also to help solve problems and build better business and government relations. Working together more constructively will help build a public-private partnership that be more efficient and aid in business retention, expansion, and

“The Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership has been very helpful to mybusiness as we contract with the PennsylvaniaDepartment of Education, PennDOT, and the federal government. As small businesses, we many times do not have access to politicians and are not heard individually; the chamber has embraced their role representing all businesses in Erie County to elected officials and I am happy to know they are continuing their work with all levels of governmentalbodies for the well-being of all businesses in Erie County.”

Brenda J. Bennett, LPI, CDRS

President | Transportation Solution

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