Erie Forward

The mission of Erie Forward is to enhance economic growth, collaboration, and talent development to build opportunities for all of Erie County's citizens.

Launched in 2019, Erie Forward is the five-year economic development initiative of the Erie Regional Chamber designed to recruit, attract, expand, and retain businesses in a manner that ensures economic development throughout the region meets the interest and needs of a diverse population and creates opportunities that lay a foundation for sustainable economic success for generations to come. Our team at the Chamber wholeheartedly believes our work contributes to our collective responsibility to assure our economy can provide for the wealth and well-being of all our citizens. Erie Forward provides us with a thoughtful and thorough blueprint to guide that process.

Erie Forward's Fundamental Philosophies

Erie Forward’s fundamental philosophies and recommendations include strategies that will be employed by the Chamber and its other private-sector and public-sector partners, to advance Erie’s regionwide goals, economic cooperation, diversity, collaboration and competitiveness for the region:

Establish ownership and clarify roles around a single economic strategy.

Coordinate, collaborate and refine an all-encompassing regional “vision” and “brand” with defined strategies, specific action steps, and clarity around roles and responsibilities of different public and private stakeholders and agencies.

Define and monitor performance of regional goals for equitable economic growth.

Market globally and coordinate locally to successfully compete in a global marketplace.

Focus, coordinate and collaborate economic and workforce development around core industry clusters.

Support and prioritize public investments in infrastructure, education, and quality of place.

Create opportunities for all by building strategies for diversity and inclusivity in our economic development efforts.

The Five Pillars of Future Success

Existing Industry Support and Entrepreneurship

Workforce Development and Talent Attraction

New Business Attraction and Investment

Quality of Place, Advocacy, and Sustainability

Regional Competitiveness and Collaboration

Thank you to our

Erie Forward Investors

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