Opportunity Zones in Erie


  • Utilizing Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) data aggregated to the census tract level
  • Calculated the work area profile of the census tracts in Erie County (MSA) for Manufacturing job loss (NAICS 31-22)
  • Performed a longitudinal study observing Manufacturing job loss 2002-2015
  • Utilizing Planning Database (PDB) data aggregated to the census tract level and census block group level
  • Analyzed block groups for the concentration of renter-occupied housing, mixed-use occupied housing, high-density housing
  • Utilizing government funding highlights via the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)
  • Performed density analysis based on points of investment in Erie County (MSA)
  • Utilizing the Erie County Asset inventory via Erie County Data Center
  • Performed density analysis based on anchor institutions
  • Analyzed block groups for blighted housing


Industrial Development Opportunities

  • Areas identified as being the focus of local development organizations

    Greenfield development site concentration

Distressed Industrial Corridor

  • Tracts identified as having experienced a loss of manufacturing employment greater than 350 jobs since 2002
    Brownfield development site concentration

Investment Core

  • Areas identified as experiencing higher than average government funded projects via density analysis

    Areas identified as being the focus of local investment initiatives

    Areas identified as high density renter-occupied housing, high mixed- and multi-use dwelling areas, and areas of city identified blighted property

  • Areas containing anchor institution concentration, and subsequent employment density

  • Residential Development Opportunities



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