FIRE Accelerator: Introducing Avatour, the Remote Collaboration Platform for On-Site Meetings

Times have changed and so has the way we approach remote lifestyles. In some roles, remote work is optional or even required. Using off-the-shelf hardware, Avatour enables you to capture and share a 360° view of a location in real-time. Facilitate remote meetings with the ability to look around freely and deliver a shared experience of being in the same space, from anywhere.

Avatour is one of the few businesses selected to participate in the 2023 FIRE Accelerator program. Before starting the program, Avatour partnered with Igloo Vision, a collaboration of shared visions and remote experiences.

Learn more about Avatour, Igloo, and the new partnership below.

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Igloo Vision, the leading provider of shared immersive spaces. 

This powerful integration revolutionizes the remote collaboration experience, and will enable remote team members to experience a virtual “boots-on-the-ground” perspective, immersing themselves in real places and engaging in discussions with a heightened sense of presence. 

The Shared Vision

At the core of our partnership lies a shared vision to redefine remote collaboration; to build technology that will allow seamless collaboration with colleagues based anywhere in the world.

By combining our respective strengths, we envision a future where remote teams can feel fully engaged and actively participate in discussions on site. 

Both Avatour and Igloo recognize limitations of existing collaboration and video conferencing tools. These tools simply do not provide the experience necessary to allow remote teams to explore and observe real places and processes. 

With this partnership, operators on site will now be able to capture and share live and pre-recorded 360° video of a physical location. Team members back at HQ will then be able to physically step into that environment using an Igloo immersive space to experience a new level of immersion and interaction. 

Getting groups of people inside an immersive space to view this content enhances collaboration and allows people to view, interact with and discuss that content at the same time. 

Real-World Applications

One of the most compelling applications of this exciting new integration can be observed in one of the world’s largest liquified natural gas projects. This project involves extracting and processing gas in a remote location designated as a nature reserve, which makes it of utmost importance to minimize any potential impact from the project on its delicate ecosystem.

The challenges of operating a massive project while conserving the environment are manifold. In particular, regular site visits, inspections, and meetings that require their personnel to travel to and from the location was a significant concern for disturbing the habitat and increasing their carbon footprint.

This particular company deployed Avatour and Igloo to facilitate “boots-on-the-ground” virtual visits, allowing stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs) to walk the site remotely. By simply having an operator on site set up the 360° camera, teams can collaboratively view, discuss, and make decisions in real-time, experiencing the project from a distance, while creating opportunity for further engagement with the project.

About Igloo Vision

Igloo is the shared immersive space company bringing practical, flexible, covetable Igloo-powered immersive spaces within the reach of any organisation, anywhere.

Stepping into an Igloo space is like stepping into a huge VR headset. And, because entire teams can get inside, it’s always a shared experience.

Its award-winning software, Igloo Core Engine, is the operating system for immersive spaces. It’s used by the world’s most astute organisations for visualisation, simulation, collaboration and engagement.

About Avatour

Avatour is the remote collaboration platform for on-site meetings.

Capture a full 360° view of a physical location and share it in real-time using the Avatour platform and off-the-shelf hardware.

Up to 20 remote guests can join the live immersive experience, each with the ability to look around freely and interact with one another.

By giving everyone the shared experience of being in the same space, Avatour makes remote meetings possible that would otherwise require traveling in person. It delivers a seamless collaboration experience that provides visibility and context of what’s happening on site.


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