Regional Manufacturing Lead Generation and Sourcing Tool Gains Momentum

Let’s talk about economic development. This term can have a lot of definitions depending on which group you speak with, but Tristate Manufacturer’s marketplace defines it as “keeping manufacturing business in the region, and funneling leads to local manufacturers”. There’s no straighter line to economic development than through handing valuable pieces of business directly to local companies, and that is exactly what Tristate Manufacturer’s Marketplace is doing. Developed and managed by Erie marketing agency weCreate, this platform was designed for manufacturers to easily find the exact supplier they need. An added benefit is that the website is being aggressively marketed throughout the country so organizations can find local manufacturers in web searches. Here are just a few of the many successful connections:

  • Boeing procurement used TSM free sourcing connections to find a combination of Erie manufacturers to complete a complex job
  • A Chicago based waste management company used TSM to identify a fabricator to manufacture roll-off containers
  • Multiple local manufacturers have used free sourcing connections to identify other local manufacturers to help complete projects

The Tristate Difference

A Win For Local Manufacturers
While there are numerous manufacturing directories and sourcing platforms, TSM is the only one that stands to provide a direct, immediate, and substantial contribution to regional economic development.  Through nationwide exposure to manufacturing procurement personnel, the platform funnels business directly into the Tristate area as opposed to other platforms that have no geographic bias. The intuitive and comprehensive supplier identification tools, and the ability to have TSM staff identify a partner if the searcher cannot find the right supplier on the site, helps regional manufacturers keep the business local instead of performing a broader search.

Erie As A Manufacturing Hub
As more manufacturers join – currently membership stands at 200 – the site will become an increasingly valuable resource for OEMs around the world to identify suppliers in regions with comprehensive manufacturing services.  TSM is already receiving interest from OEMS that had not previously realized that our region is a hub of manufacturing service providers, which can alleviate supply chain issues. Tristate Manufacturers Marketplace will become the go-to for large OEMs who want an all in one solution to sourcing, even if that means multiple companies in the region working together to complete a complex project.

Tristate Manufacturers is committed to building and growing manufacturers in the region.

The site is growing fast, and many early adopting manufacturers have already demonstrated their commitment to a shared vison of a new economic growth model focused on manufacturing. Early adopters are also the ones to receive the greatest benefit over time due to first come first serve placement in segmented service lists. With uncertain economic times ahead, there’s no better way to inexpensively ensure that leads continue to flow in. The success of this platform is contingent on growing membership, so that when we show up at the top of search results globally for terms involving manufacturing services we can show a comprehensive list of options. Comprehensive service provider lists ensure that sourcing agents do not need to look elsewhere. Let’s show the world that our region should be the automatic starting point for manufacturing procurement. 

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