Wabtec, United Electrical Workers Reach Tentative Agreement

Earlier today, Wabtec and United Electrical Workers reached a tentative agreement. The following statement is from James Grunke, President and CEO of the Erie Regional Chamber, regarding the announcement:

This accomplishment marks a vital milestone not only for the company and its workforce but also for the overall prosperity of our community.

The determination exhibited by all parties involved serve as an inspiring example of how constructive dialogue can lead to positive outcomes that benefit everyone involved.

The tentative agreement reflects the recognition of the shared interests of both the company and its workforce, highlighting the importance of sustaining a harmonious working relationship. This accord reinforces our belief in the power of partnership and underlines the pivotal role that Wabtec plays in our local economy. The company’s continued growth and success will undoubtedly have a ripple effect, contributing to increased job opportunities, enhanced community engagement, and a stronger foundation for economic progress.

I would like to express my gratitude to the negotiating teams from both Wabtec and the local union for their dedication in finding common ground and crafting an agreement that reflects the best interests of their members, the company, and the community at large. Their commitment to preserving the well-being of employees while fostering an environment conducive to sustainable business practices is commendable.

As we move forward, let us embrace this achievement as a reminder of what can be accomplished with a shared vision for success.

The Union will meet Thursday to vote on the proposal. The tentative agreement is available online.

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