Statement from James Grunke Regarding CRIZ Delay

The following is a statement from James Grunke, President and CEO of the Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, regarding City Council’s decision to table CRIZ discussions:

Yesterday, we were optimistic that today would bring news or reaching a milestone compromise regarding the City Revitalization and Improvement Zone (CRIZ) ordinance slated for this morning’s City Council meeting. This afternoon, we learned it was tabled by councilmembers – a disheartening message less than 24 hours after a compromise had been reached. It’s discouraging to see politics at play for a crucial opportunity for our community. City Council President Nelson’s rationale that it was tabled due to the process not being reopened yet by the Governor is perpetuating a mindset in Erie that must end.  Being prepared and ahead of the curve is exactly where Erie needs to be. 
Throughout the process, ERCGP has been actively engaged and invested in advocating for measures that would foster economic growth and prosperity in our region. We firmly believe that the CRIZ is a positive step towards achieving our mission of evolving Erie’s economy and creating new economic development opportunities for our community. 
We applaud the community leaders and stakeholders who worked continuously to reach this important compromise. We urge City Council to follow through on the promise so that we can continue moving Erie forward.

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